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With an onsite observation station, Brettlynn Farms provides people with a close up look at how the hardworking honey bees produce their delicious sweet treat. 

BrettLynn Farms Our Story

Devin and Kelly Cooke are the proud owners of BrettLynn Farms.

What began as a hobby has quickly grown to provide fresh natural honey and beeswax products throughout New Brunswick and beyond. Their apiary and retail store is located in the small fishing village of Back Bay, in Charlotte county NB.

BrettLynn farms bees are used for pollination services, unpasteurized honey, and top quality, all natural handcrafted skincare products including soaps and lotions. This brand new retail location in Back Bay NB, allows their customers an opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee, cone of ice cream and to purchase their beeswax products. With an onsite observation hive that provides people with a close up look at the hardworking honey bees this location has also become a valuable resource for folks that want to learn more.

They are a small family business who value each and every one of their customers, and they are passionate about sharing their love for bees and their crucial place in our ecosystem.

BrettLynn Farms truly believes in protecting the earth’s most important pollinators and cultivating a community by providing quality, small-batch products that you are guaranteed to love.

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